Wire: 5 conductor 20ga M27500 Mil-Spec Wire


This high quality 5 conductor 20 ga shielded M27500-20TG5T14 wire is very useful for those wire runs through the wing. You can use 4 of the wires LED NAV/Strove and the 5th wire for your LED landing light. White Tefzel jacket. Mil-Spec M27500. You absolutely do not need shielded wire for any of the Whelen Nav/Strobe lights. However it is very difficult to find unshielded mil-spec wire in multi-conductor versions that are not shielded. So if you want mil-spec multi conductor, its cheaper to get it in the shielded variety. Sold by the foot.

Weight 0.034375 lbs
Dimensions .1 x .1 x .1 in

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