Whelen Orion 650E Series OR6501GE OR650RE Embedded In Lens Nav/Strobe

$492.00 $475.00

Whelen’s NEW ORION650E Series of FAA/TSO approval LED aviation lighting models OR6501GE, OR6501RE. The OR650E is the embedded version. Embedded meaning it goes into the lens of a wingtip. Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art LED Technology available in an all-inclusive package, the ORION650E series eliminates the need for external flasher boxes. Flush mountable for a wide variety of applications with minimal integration and easily retrofitable to the Whelen legacy strobe products. The ORION650E series is quite simply the brightest form of LED Anti-collision and Position lighting available. This light is designed to be mounted inside a wingtip lens, NOT EXTERNALLY. This is the E (Embedded) model, which means it’s meant to be installed behind a lens in the wingtip (as per the picture). The lens is not supplied by Whelen. Specs: Weight .27 lbs. Current Draw 12V / 28V 0.30 / 0.15 Amp (Position) 0.70 / 0.35 Amp (Anti-Collision) PMA: None STC: None Approvals: FAA TSO-C96a, TSO-C30c Types I & III (PENDING)

Weight .468 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 4.25 x 3.5 in

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